Floating lanterns

There are two major religions in Khitan – The Transcendent Path and the Hakami. The two religions are not always clearly separate; it is not uncommon for a peasant to give an offering to the Kami, and then offer a quick prayer to one of the gods of the Transcendent Path. In addition, Khitan is also home to many minor religions and cults imported from the planes, which have taken root in large cities.

The Hakami is the traditional religion of Khitan, and consists of a belief that all things, living and nonliving, have spirits called Kami. These spirits guard and protect mortals, but they must be appeased with offerings and ceremonies. Although there are some large central shrines to important spirits, most shrines are small and local affairs, where

The Transcendent Path has come to Khitan with missionaries from other planes. Followers of the Path believe that by following certain practices, they may attain enlightenment and reach a perfect state of harmony with nature. Vernacular texts of the Transcendent Path also describe an elaborate pantheon of deities and creatures, and this is what most average people are familiar with.


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